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Xclock Not Working With Xming


Linux supports X Forwarding with no extra software, on OS X you need e.g. Which shell am I using: [email protected] [~]# echo $SHELL /bin/bash 10. Unix & Linux Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled Computer Labs & Laptops @ Samueli School of Engineering, UC IrvineSearch this site HomeComputer Labs & Study LoungesStudent LaptopsFaculty & Grad To put it another way, there is no display associated with that connection. http://tekspotting.com/not-working/xclock-not-working-in-putty.html

He works as a multipurpose Java EE programmer from backend to frontend and sysadmin and dba. You can use be using Putty alone or with XMing You need Xming to display graphics such as an image from the remote Linux server. If it not recent, try deleting ~/.Xauthority before logging in again so that a new ~/.Xauthority file gets created. The alternative is to use Linux on your laptop, either in dual boot mode or in a virtual setup.

Xclock Not Working In Linux

And back a few seconds later... Browse other questions tagged ssh putty x11forwarding or ask your own question. Take note of that line as you need it later. -bash-3.2$ xauth list your.linuxmachine.foo/unix:10 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 38dcf9f9fd5b587f3d5fa8d77281f66c Login again as another user e.g. -bash-3.2$ sudo su - oracle and add the original Logged in, got a message saying .Xauthority was missing, and it was regenerated.

ssh putty x11forwarding share|improve this question asked Sep 16 '12 at 11:56 seaders 1262 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 4 down vote Have you tried You could either install Linux locally (you can install over or along-side of Microsoft Windows) or try booting from a live CD which doesn't touch your hard drive. The time now is 04:59 PM. - Contact Us - UNIX & Linux - unix commands, linux commands, linux server, linux ubuntu, shell script, linux distros. - Advertising - Top Xclock Not Working In Aix Background Students usually want the ability to work on programming assignments from a home computer which is often Microsoft Windows.

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Do I need to do anything else? Xming Not Working The cause of this error is shown below. It's also possible (but unlikely) that you've done something weird in your configuration file and are overriding the DISPLAY variable. This is usually buried somewhere under a menu option such as "X11" or "Tunnels" (if SSHing from a Linux computer use the -X option).

Xming Putty Can't Open Display

If there is some other freeware software that I should use other than Xming, then please let me know that also. Related Bookmark the permalink. Xclock Not Working In Linux Password Home Search Forums Register Forum RulesMan PagesUnix Commands Linux Commands FAQ Members Today's Posts Red Hat Red Hat is the world's leading open source technology solutions provider with offerings including Xclock In Linux Can't Open Display The port by default is 22 4c.

install xming http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/ start xming with XLaunch.exe (keep all defaults) open ssh session with putty make sure following in not commented, if it is then you (or root if you are Who are the other people in this Shiva picture? What could cause humanity to migrate from land to water? Command prompt 6. Xclock Not Working For Oracle User In Linux

Can someone tell me the cause and solution for this problem? Running xclock gives me the following error: "Error: Can't open display: localhost:10.0".I'm pretty sure Xming isn't the problem, since if I manually change the DISPLAY variable to "[my windows machine IP]:0.0", Last edited by achenle; 01-01-2015 at 02:16 PM.. have a peek here Configuring PuTTY In order to get the remote X server to send X connections back to our X server for display we need to configure PuTTY to forward them.

I may have to CONSOLE you about your usage of ridiculously easy graphical interfaces...Look ma, no mouse. Xclock Error Can't Open Display Redhat Connect as root : Code: [[email protected]][root]# echo $DISPLAY localhost:10.0 xauth list su - oracle xauth add export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 xclock # or other x program. Hood Page adapted from a design by Six Shooter Media notepad blog __things i don't remember__ Main menu Skip to content Hometheory and practicewish list Post navigation ← how to create

XQuartz and on Windows you need two pieces of software: a secure shell program (ssh) to establish the remote connection and an X Server to handle the local display.

Browse other questions tagged windows putty xming or ask your own question. PuTTY implements the client end of that session: the end at which the session is displayed, rather than the end at which it runs.In really simple terms: you run PuTTY on Attached Files xclock.txt (4.1 KB, 7 views) Remove advertisements Sponsored Links omniok View Public Profile Find all posts by omniok

#7 01-12-2015 rbatte1 Error Can't Open Display Localhost 10.0 Putty However, requesting those connections is simply not enough.

Do the guest schools spend an entire academic year in the host school during the Triwizard Tournament? Start xMing. 2. Offline #12 2013-01-12 16:27:56 Antoine Member From: Picton Ontario Registered: 2012-10-11 Posts: 90 Re: X11 Forwarding with SSH not working [SOLVED] gixr wrote:That fixed it. Check This Out xterm -display :0.0 I may have to CONSOLE you about your usage of ridiculously easy graphical interfaces...Look ma, no mouse.

So your problem is that you aren't seeing Xming's window. Not the answer you're looking for? You can temporarily accept all connections by running Xming with the -ac option. Offline #14 2013-06-20 00:11:57 cfr Member From: Cymru Registered: 2011-11-27 Posts: 5,675 Re: X11 Forwarding with SSH not working [SOLVED] Since this is an old thread marked solved and since you

Robin Remove advertisements Sponsored Links rbatte1 View Public Profile Visit rbatte1's homepage! Oracle's Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to setup a new database remotely with X11 forwarding: Runnign DBCA remotely with X11 forwarding Social media:TweetRelated Posts via TaxonomiesAvoiding JVM delays caused by random number Last edited by gixr (2013-01-11 14:10:45) Offline #4 2013-01-11 15:12:11 nomorewindows Member Registered: 2010-04-03 Posts: 3,022 Re: X11 Forwarding with SSH not working [SOLVED] You have to also enable the forwarding To completely solve this problem you will need to both tunnel back the X connection as well as have an X server in place that can make sense of the commands

Click Save and then Open the SSH connection to your remote host. One could also transfer the files back and forth with an application such as WinSCP, but that is a bit more tedious. Now the error "xhost: unable to open display: :0.0" is not coming. :o) However, I xclock is not poping up. :o( Just wanted to confirm the following configuration: Under Connection->SSH->X11 my experience with windows is a bit dusty but sitting at my linux desktop i only do Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers [email protected]:[email protected] [[email protected]~]$echo$DISPLAY localhost:22.0 [[email protected]~]$xclock and it works fine.

If you get error, -bash-3.2$ Error: Can't open display:, correct the DISPLAY variable like: -bash-3.2$ DISPLAY=localhost:10.0; export DISPLAY Now you can run e.g. Uncommented options override the# default value.Port 22#AddressFamily any#ListenAddress ::# The default requires explicit activation of protocol 1#Protocol 2# HostKey for protocol version 1#HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key# HostKeys for protocol version 2#HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key#HostKey Offline #13 2013-06-19 16:36:24 ChristTrekker Member Registered: 2013-06-18 Posts: 7 Re: X11 Forwarding with SSH not working [SOLVED] I'm having the same kind of problem, but I do have localhost defined See# sshd_config(5) for more information.# This sshd was compiled with PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin# The strategy used for options in the default sshd_config shipped with# OpenSSH is to specify options with their default value

You have successfully installed Putty with XMing!You Tube - X11 Forwarding using Putty on WindowsPutty and Xmin Samueli School of Enginering, UCI          University of California, Irvine Report Abuse|Print Click Next. 2b. Depending on your PAM configuration,# PAM authentication via ChallengeResponseAuthentication may bypass# the setting of "PermitRootLogin without-password".# If you just want the PAM account and session checks to run without# PAM authentication, Offline #5 2013-01-11 15:52:04 Painless Member Registered: 2006-02-06 Posts: 177 Re: X11 Forwarding with SSH not working [SOLVED] ssh_config doesn't apply in this case since the client is Windows.Sounds like an

Jan 13 '12 #5 reply P: 1 sdadesky I had this same problem. Went crazy looking for solution. Any other approach on this. See# sshd_config(5) for more information.# This sshd was compiled with PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin# The strategy used for options in the default sshd_config shipped with# OpenSSH is to specify options with their default value