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Xcode Writetofile Not Working


A simple grammar lesson Why is nuclear waste dangerous? Always returns NO1Help with save file to Documents NSMutableArray with NSObjects1NSDictionary writeToFile not writing2Using .html, .js file saved in the sandbox(Documents directory) of an iOS App so that I am able Browse other questions tagged iphone objective-c ios ipad or ask your own question. If the assertion fail, you will get an exception at runtime: NSData *data = [NSKeyedArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject:array]; NSAssert(nil != data, @"My object data is nil after archiving"); If the problem was not http://tekspotting.com/not-working/xcode-fixme-not-working.html

Is there an error code or some debugging tool in xcode outside of the logger that would help me pin it down? If path contains a tilde (~) character, you must expand it with stringByExpandingTildeInPath before invoking this method.useAuxiliaryFileIf YES, the receiver is written to an auxiliary file, and then the auxiliary file Are you sure you gave it a unique name to save as? –msgambel Sep 22 '11 at 19:04 I agree the problem is likely your path, can you include Am I making the data the wrong way?

Writetofile No Such File Or Directory

On a side note: I'm sure that you could do this from NSFileManager, and I'll be doing that myself once I finalize my app structure, but hope this helps someone else The CFStringEncoding value is written as an ASCII string containing an unsigned 32-bit decimal integer and is not terminated by a null character. What's this hole with a lock symbol on the back of my monitor? Formally can money be in a plural form (monies) or not?

LanguageSwiftObjective-CSDKsiOS 2.0+macOS 10.4+tvOS 9.0+watchOS 2.0+On This PageDeclarationParametersReturn ValueDiscussionDeclaration

- (BOOL)writeToFile:(NSString *)path atomically:(BOOL)useAuxiliaryFile encoding:(NSStringEncoding)enc error:(NSError * _Nullable *)error;
ParameterspathThe file This method expects an absolute file path. I was allowed to enter the airport terminal by showing a boarding pass for a future flight. Writetofile Atomically Not Working Even if you could find a way to do so, your data wouldn't be backed up when the user sync's, and you'd invalidate the signature that allows the app to run.

Is a directory"} iphone objective-c ios ipad share|improve this question edited Oct 15 '12 at 2:42 user1745895 asked Oct 15 '12 at 2:14 adit 8,47837159293 NSData does not care The YES option guarantees that path, if it exists at all, won’t be corrupted even if the system should crash during writing.encThe encoding to use for the output. One or both of these values may be missing. your app bundle, the application support directory, some user-selected location).

Utensil that forms meat into cylinders 80s Sci-Fi movie with "fire-lion / fire-wolf" chasing people through locked steel doors How to align operators using alignat or someother environment? Nsmutabledictionary Writetofile Not Working share|improve this answer answered Oct 3 '11 at 13:43 Mark Granoff 15k14355 Thanks, I will add the error variable and debug further –User897 Oct 4 '11 at 15:22 add Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up writeToFile:atomically: does not work on iOS 6.1.3? share|improve this answer answered Mar 3 '11 at 1:42 Chuck 176k19231340 Yep, Guillaume helped me understand that.

Writetofile Nsdata

du command showing different results than st_blocks Can you teleport or Dimension Door out of your clothes? Assuming the problem is not in your code, just in your question, let's continue: Do you have something different than nil in the variable data after your archiving? Writetofile No Such File Or Directory What does the letter 'u' mean in /dev/urandom? Writetofile Fails Does any organism use both photosynthesis and respiration?

Is there a Pokémon + Move set that can solo the Elite Four without any restoring items in Pokemon X? this contact form You must specify the encoding that should be used, and choose whether to write the resource atomically or not. NSMutableArray *array = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects: [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:@"0.png"], [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:@"1.png"], [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:@"2.png"], nil]; NSData *data = [NSKeyedArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject:array]; NSError *error = nil; NSString *[email protected]"/Users/myusername/Desktop/_stuff.dat"; [data writeToFile:path options:NSDataWritingAtomic error:&error]; or NSArray *array = Browse other questions tagged objective-c cocoa osx or ask your own question. Writetofile:options: Error:

You should avoid placing yourself in this position if at all possible—anything that calls for the use of plain text files should specify the encoding (preferably UTF-8 or UTF-16+BOM).Reading data with Converting orbital state vectors from one origin to another Higher up doesn't carry around their security badge and asks others to let them in. more hot questions lang-c about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science Other have a peek here method, as illustrated in the following example.NSURL *URL = ...;NSError *error;NSString *stringFromFileAtURL = [[NSString alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:URL encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding error:&error];if (stringFromFileAtURL == nil) { // an error occurred NSLog(@"Error reading file at %@\n%@",

share|improve this answer edited Jan 14 '15 at 6:37 answered Aug 4 '13 at 5:34 matrinox 41657 1 Yes they do. Nsdata Writetofile Swift I wrote directly to the resource path. What is an Infatuated Word™?

However, it does not work on my iPad mini (iOS 6.1.3).

more hot questions question feed lang-c about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation I was allowed to enter the airport terminal by showing a boarding pass for a future flight. Examples of the value written include the following:MACINTOSH;0UTF-8;134217984UTF-8;;3071The methods initWithContentsOfFile:usedEncoding:error:, initWithContentsOfURL:usedEncoding:error:, stringWithContentsOfFile:usedEncoding:error:, and stringWithContentsOfURL:usedEncoding:error: use this information to open the file using the right encoding.NoteIn the future this attribute may be Writetofile Error Lucene analytics index constantly loads HDD What game did I see in Verona, Italy?

Two resistors in series Where do the white lines come from in my composite? If you try to write to a folder on the desktop or elsewhere, even with sandboxing off, it will fail if the folder does not exist. NSError *error; //build an array of locations using the NSSearchPath... Check This Out You may have some troubles with your path.

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