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Xsl Indentation Not Working


Or is it? Here's the output statement I'm using in the xsl file: Here's some extracts from the output file (hopefully w/ whitespace perserved):

Inserting a simple template should take care of that: when it sees a comment, it should just copy it through. OK, but now it Arrow not showing consistently in tikz \draw more hot questions question feed lang-xml about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback I specify that the output is generic XML, and include the usual XSLT namespace so that the XSLT processor knows that xsl:... See Identity transformation. –khachik Dec 15 '10 at 20:50 Dacracot, you just applied identity template, what i want is to apply the correct closing tags like 10


Find out more about cookies.I understand. The locker problem - why squares? Your question and its title don't match. –khachik Dec 15 '10 at 20:48 add a comment| 3 Answers 3 active oldest votes up vote 11 down vote Use a simple identity There was some recent debate about whether it should affect these representations or not, which as far as I know came to no clear conclusion; it really isn't clear from the

All Products: Oxygen XML Editor Oxygen XML Author Oxygen XML Web Author Oxygen XML Developer Oxygen XML WebHelp Oxygen SDK Shop Buy Now Sales FAQ Register Code Resellers Resources Documentation Videos My script simply extracts all tables in an XML document and writes them to a result document. WhatisRDF? Xslt Indent=yes Not Working Are we in a low CO2 period, compared to the last 590 million years?

This is the actual output (note how output1.5 and output1 are not indented properly): xml xslt share|improve this question edited Dec 31 '12 at 13:13 Xsltproc Indent Amount To actually indent, you need to specify how much indentation should occur per level, by adding the attribute xalan:indent-amount="5" (or however much) to your directive. (Yes, there have been extensive Sitemap | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy This website was created & generated with ®XML Editor Our website uses cookies. And you can run the XSL with Ant: share|improve this answer answered Mar 20

elements are XSLT instructions and not just data. Java Xml Transformer Indent Turns out there are two different ones I've come across in the Xalan online documentation (and the one you've listed is the wrong one): xmlns:xalan="http://xml.apache.org/xalan" - used for nodeset xmlns:xalan="http://xml.apache.org/xslt" - Coworkers quitting under special circumstances -- should telling our manager be one of my options? If I make sure my code looks good as I write it, then indent.xsl should transform itself to itself.

Xsltproc Indent Amount

I'll stick with XSLT version 1.0 since that has solid support (such as the Saxon library that I'm using).

XSLTRecipeoftheDay Topics AJAX Business Databases Graphics Metadata Mobile Programming Schemas Semantic Web Style Web Print Subscribe to XML XSLT as Pretty Printer by Hew Wolff November 29, 2006 Introduction Recently I Try the following XSLT (say file named indent.xsl): In Vim, whenever a file with the ".xml" extension Atlassian Share your knowledge If you're interested in functional programming, you might also want to checkout my second blog which i'm actively working on!! Is a north-facing window recommended outside of the northern hemisphere? Xsl Indent Text

xslt indentation xalan share|improve this question asked Mar 8 '10 at 15:05 Vincent 1,78141621 add a comment| 5 Answers 5 active oldest votes up vote 16 down vote accepted For indentation This fixed my indent problem. M.N.R. 2010 10 Wellesley St. 2010 9 So, the output is largely different, Here are some more tips, variations, and alternatives: http://www.pinkjuice.com/howto/vimxml/tasks.xml#prettyprinting http://www.pinkjuice.com/howto/vimxml/setup.xml#xsltlint If you don't have a copy of XSLT, you can use the following to indent XML/HTML: :%s/>\r

WhatisXSLT? Xslt Pretty Print Shortest path between two points with n hops Why write 1,000,000,000 as 1000*1000*1000 in C? Goodness Giza Golf!

Getting better.

How does s[i]^=32 convert upper to lower case? From: David Sewell Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 11:12:53 -0400 (EDT) I have an XSLT 2.0 script that I'm using to generate output with Saxon 8B, and I want confirmation Not the answer you're looking for? Xslt Remove Whitespace But I also need to start a new line between the comment and the element. And I want the element's attributes too, so add them to

Some hours later I had a handy utility, and a new appreciation for some of the wrinkles of XML. I can produce the output I want by adding "xml:space='preserve'" as an attribute on all elements in the source. If you're outputting to a DOM, or to a SAX stream, it will probably have no effect. xsltproc is a command line tool that is part of the gnome libxslt.

It failed to indent the output when I had a typo in my xsl. Are there eighteen or twenty bars in my castle? We can bring it up on the mailing list again and see if anyone has changed their minds...) This really should be added to our FAQ page! Remark: For this to work with Saxon you will need the professional edition.

Indentation isn't actually controlled by the XSLT processor, it's controlled by whatever serializes the output to a string, although this is generally done by the same method call. Which security measures make sense for a static web site? Here's my invocation sequence for the translator: java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -xml -in -xsl ... Lucene analytics index constantly loads HDD What is the standard dimension of a picture to be viewed on a wide screen?

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