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Omitting Fields Sometimes a class may contain elements that should not be part of the resulting XML. While creating author.xml I have used xStream.alias("director", Person.class) in order to define an alias (replacing Person class name with string "director"). more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation SEE AN EXAMPLE SUBSCRIBE Please provide a valid email address. Check This Out

But i have to specify this for each and every class... My DocumentReflectionConverter simply gives a different method for instantiation - (it gets the class from an attribute instead of the node name because I have xstream.aliasType(DocumentConstants.DOCUMENT_TAG_NAME, Document.class)) Any hints? -- View Check your inbox to verify your email so you can start receiving the latest in tech news and resources. Why write 1,000,000,000 as 1000*1000*1000 in C? 80s Sci-Fi movie with "fire-lion / fire-wolf" chasing people through locked steel doors Torsion subgroups of hyperbolic groups are finite?

Xstream Alias Example

Fortunately the BooleanConverter supports alternate format styles, but how can we use an annotation to register a new instance locally? But i have to specify this for each and every class... I was allowed to enter the airport terminal by showing a boarding pass for a future flight. There is even a term “XML hell” describing situation when programmer has to deal with many XML configuration files that are hard to comprehend.

So it is good to know how to create XML documents to store your data in order to generate a PDF file for instance. Free forum by Nabble Edit this page OSDir.com java.xstream.user Subject: Problem unmarshalling when calls to"processAnnotations" or"autodetect" are called. It’s lightweight, small, has nice API and what is most important, it works with and without custom annotations that we might be not allowed to add when we are not the Xstream Date Converter xstream.processAnnotations(Person.class); // we use for mappings Data data = (Data) xstream.fromXML(reader); // parse // Print some data to console to see if results are correct System.out.println("Number of bans = " +

Created to show that using XStream library methods instead of annotation we will have problems and cannot use one general mapping, PersonConverter – converter used to manually map classes to XML Therefore we have to use either a custom converter that transforms this list into a single string or we use for simplicity a simple string here: @XStreamAlias("message") @XStreamConverter(value=ToAttributedValueConverter.class, strings={"content"}) class RendezvousMessage I > have a Vendor class with extends a User class. I have never had a reason to create more than one xstream object within a project, so I usually handle it this way.

The first one processes the document and everytime a tag, comment, a piece of text or any other XML element occurs, it calls a piece of Java code to signal an Xstream List Of Objects First example Suppose we have a requirement to load configuration from xml file: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Date Index Thread: Prev Next Thread Index I am trying to use annotations combined with some defaults I give to xstream. First use To do a simple conversion, let us create a Java Bean: public class Person { private String name; private String surname; private Date birthday; //getters and setters } Now

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Both with the same result! java xml xstream share|improve this question edited Feb 28 '15 at 11:51 Dalija Prasnikar 10.9k82978 asked Feb 27 '15 at 17:29 Aparna 18017 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest Xstream Alias Example content) { this.messageType = messageType; this.important = important; this.content = Arrays.asList(content); } } The resulting XML does not contain the type of the message anymore: firstPart secondPart no 1154097812245 Xstream Alias Not Working IBM The best of DZone straight to your inbox.

You might try to set autodetection to false and process the types individually. > it would be great to use xstream in my app as it could really make my his comment is here instead > of using those nice annotations :-/ Because in this case the class was already loaded when you setup the XStream. technically XStream has to use a SingleValueConverter. See the acceptance test CustomMapperTest for ideas what you can do with this. > Greetings from sunny Austria! Xstream Useattributefor

Data from XML documents can be transformed into an HTML document, a PDF file or any other text format using XSLT. Which security measures make sense for a static web site? So... this contact form But i have to specify this for each and every class...

Application allows us to create an XML file from data provided in Java as well as to perform the reverse process – creating Java objects from a file. Xstream Api try { // this is what i tried Failure("I dropped the jar files of xstream and xpp into my libs library and included it."); } catch (DidNotWorkException We want to load it into collection of Ban objects.

More information can be found at http://xstream.codehaus.org/.

xstream.addImplicitCollection(User.class, "roles", "role", String.class); xstream.addImplicitCollection(Vendor.class, "roles", "role", String.class); Is there any way I can get this to work? Therefore it is no problem to serialize an object graph into XML, since XStream will know of all types in advance. content) { this.messageType = messageType; this.content = Arrays.asList(content); } } Resulting in an XML which ignores the field name (content) of the list: 15 firstPart secondPart Xstream Attribute Example Working on various JEE projects since 2000.

And after that we will get our Ban objects populated with number of days instead of Date. JetBrains All the Java EE Goodness Without the Wait ZeroTurnaround Modernize your approach with microservices – with a game! For the XML generation, auto-detection is enough. > Site s = service.getDummySite(); // unimportant how i get the Site... > s.setName("DummySite"); > // id and http://tekspotting.com/not-working/xstream-omitfield-not-working.html this worked fine! –Rafa Feb 15 '13 at 14:29 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I recommend you creat an init() method that initializes your xstream object.

I'm not generating the sites in different plugins. Therefore deserialization will fail if the type has not already been processed either by having called XStream's processAnnotations method or by already having serialized this type. Normally an InitializationException is only thrown while XStream is configured. Martin... @4:43cause-exception : java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsExceptioncause-message : only START_TAG can have attributes END_TAG seen ...Robert C.

Thanks, Alan. -- View this message in context: http://www.nabble.com/Implicit-collections-and-inheritance-tp19520467p19520467.html Sent from the xstream - user mailing list archive at Nabble.com. --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: http://xircles.codehaus.org/manage_email Next Message Using autodetectAnnotations works fine for serializing, but you need to call processAnnotations for each relevant class explicitly before you can de-serialize anything. –Ian Roberts Feb 15 '13 at 14:21 Next the path to the extracted jar file should be added to the Java Build Path of our project. During conversion the type of the object is detected and annotations are loaded.

Performance In auto-detection mode XStream will have to examine any unknown class type for annotations. Also tried: xstream = new XStream(); xstream.setClassLoader(ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()); or xstream.setClassLoader(s.getClass().getClassLoader()); neither of those versions works. And now our class looks much better: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 public class DaysAgoConverter