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Xterm Ls Not Working


I think it happened while I was installing/troubleshooting RVM, but I am not positive. XTerm historically uses this character, though it is non-ANSI. background Background Specifies the color to use for the background of the window. defaultString DefaultString Specify the character (or string) which xterm will substitute when pasted text includes a character which cannot be represented in the current encoding.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the TERM both client and server-side is xterm-256color. The -version and -help options are interpreted even if xterm cannot open the display, and are useful for testing and configuration scripts: -version This causes xterm to print a version number colorRV ColorRV This specifies the color to use to display reverse characters if the "colorRVMode" resource is enabled.

Xterm Linux

The default is "false". If ‘‘false’’, xterm com- pares them and will reject choices of bold fonts that do not match the size of the normal font. font6 (class Font6) Specifies the name of the sixth alternative font. The default (backspace) is "true".

There are 12 function keys on the PC keyboard and 20 on the VT keyboard, so I map PC F1 thru F12 to VT F1 thru F12 (except for F1 thru The option sets the dynamicColors option to ‘‘false’’. +dc This option enables the escape sequence to change dynamic col- ors. Why is my screen size not set? Xterm Examples The same timer is used for text blinking.

I once used (and wrote applications for) a Bitgraph terminal, which emulated VT100, but displayed 65 lines. Ubuntu Terminal Colors Not Working Initially, I was only interested in making colors workable for curses programs. This is the same as the VT102 private DECCKM mode, The default is ‘‘false.’’ appkeypadDefault (class AppkeypadDefault) If ‘‘true,’’ the keypad keys are initially in application mode. Finally, some people confuse the VT100 graphic characters with the VT220 support for DEC technical character set.

This sets the pointerColor resource. -nb number This option specifies the number of characters from the right end of a line at which the margin bell, if enabled, will ring. Xterm-color Most full-screen applications such as vi are designed to use the ioctl calls that return the screen size. This pathname can be an absolute path or a relative path, and xterm will search the user's PATH environment variable for the specified shell if it cannot find it. Arguably, PF1-PF4 are function keys.

Ubuntu Terminal Colors Not Working

I write bash wrappers around program calls and pipe their output though sed. Set this to zero to disable doublesize fonts altogether. Xterm Linux While I wrote the emulator so that my software would work on it, it was tested by the X group against a BBN graphics package, the name of which slips my Xterm Windows Note that setting colorMode off disables all colors, including bold.

long directory paths (more than 6 elements) are 'trimmed' to show top 3 and bottom 3 directories with _ between then (that's the pwd sed part of LOCATION). Comparing against the control sequences document yes partial no program 488 4 6 xterm-new 154 6 338 xterm-r6 188 5 305 vt220 104 0 394 vt102 204 3 291 rxvt ANSI colors are unaffected by this resource setting. You may also use ‘‘vt220,’’ but must set the terminal emulation level with the decTerminalID resource. (The ‘‘TERMCAP’’ environment variable is not set if xterm is linked against a terminfo library, Xterm Command Examples

With X Consortium xterm, you had partial support for DEC VTxxx function keys. Frequent problems Known Bugs in XTerm and Look–alikes How do I build XTerm? GetScreenSizeChars 19 Report the size of the screen in characters as numbers. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time.

hpFunctionKeys (class HpFunctionKeys) Specifies whether or not HP Function Key escape codes should be generated for function keys instead of standard escape sequences. Bash Ls Colors When utf8 is set, xterm interprets incoming data as UTF-8. A hardware VT100 implements this feature as a setup option.

The active icon is a miniature representation of the content of the window and will update as the content changes.

Perhaps you do not. Here is my related env for ls: setenv CLICOLOR "true" setenv LS_COLORS "di=37:fi=00" Directories are suposed to be coloured white, but the result is they are coloured blue/cyan. The default is "false". Ls Color Not Working Why a VT220?

tcsh ls-colors share|improve this question asked Sep 24 '12 at 10:09 Michael 76121841 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 2 down vote I was having the Use ^- to denote undef. SetColor Set a specific dynamic color. Some fonts that otherwise look fine (such as courier) do not have glyphs defined for these positions.

It will wait until you use the window manager to destroy/kill the window, or if you use the menu entries that send a signal, e.g., HUP or KILL. That overrides xterm’s built-in choice of shell program. geometry (class Geometry) Specifies the preferred size and position of the VT102 window. First the auxiliary numeric keypad.

The default is ‘‘false,’’ for the latter. Xterm stores data as it is shown on the screen. Default is 200. font2 (class Font2) Specifies the name of the second alternative font.

Xterm allows character-based applications to receive mouse events (cur- rently button-press and release events, and button-motion events) as keyboard control sequences. bold=$(tput bold) # This could also be a color. Not all programs use the same sense of stty erase; some use termcap or terminfo, and some are hardcoded. Use \034 to represent ^\, since a lit- eral backslash in an X resource escapes the next character.

The -ls flag and the loginShell resource are ignored if -e is also given, because xterm does not know how to make the shell start the given command after whatever it Incidentally, one of the comments (about xterm's support for mouse) cited as proof a page about Gpm from Linux Journal which was more than 12 years old. What power do I have as a driver if my interstate route is blocked by a protest? Why can't I select tab-characters in xterm?

Again, VTE fares worst, and the others a little better. It is shorthand for specifying the ‘‘*iconName’’ resource. General Options -version Print the version information for xterm, and exit. -help Display a help message, and exit. Would this be considered as plagiarism?