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Xbox Live Service Not Working


Hope they aren't try to force me to buy a X-Box One. the verify me doesn't work either 2016-11-16 10:36:40 @slampelusuh barpringle no, the console needs to access the internet (updates and such), but that doesn't require xbox live gold. > ^nx 2016-11-16 This is seriously a a problem I do not like one little bit. MLP Gabriel Dunno about multiplayer problems since I don't really play games online, but I'm having issues with achievements, the store, and many other of the core services. Source

says offline? @Anomalous_Gamer @xboxambassador_ but the site had a "glitch". been going on for past two days? must have been a server issue. Dave status page mentions core services are down for Xbox Live on both systems.

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Press Releases Newsletters Webinars Multimedia Advertise EVENTS l l VB EVENTS Upcoming Events GET INVOLVED Sponsor Speaker Media Partner Volunteer Got a news tip? i can't offline update and factory reset won't work @BachPatu @xboxsupport compartment now it won't work with as a #wired controller either (short in usb jack or loose usb jack??) @EXQGamingVDub Learn more Add this video to your website by copying the code below. i can't login everywhere on the web site , on my xbox , on my computer ?????8 hours agoDrunken Gamer @Drunken_GamerTo fix Gears Of War 4 PESANG error, sign out of

Wagner Partychat is not working which means i cannot talk to friends, keep getting disconnected from Destiny and yet you want my money still. Xbox Live comments Tips? Swatay Friends list gone like usual. Can't Sign Into Xbox Live i'm 100% connected with internet. @bailTYM @xbox my xbox 360 disconnect me from xbox live every time i play a death match why is that please help @jabrgi14 @xboxsupport no worries

Morag For some reason when i went to my Xbox One my profile was offline, i dint even logout, which is the first weird part. Please try again. We’ll fill you in as soon as we know more."Users were hit by similar problems on Sunday evening, the outage wasn't explained and last around two hours for those in the Legal Stuff here: http://xbx.lv/TWpStkR3 The prize will be ~$20 USD in winner's local currency. 0 replies 68 retweets 58 likes Reply Retweet 68 Retweeted 68 Like 58 Liked 58 More Copy

my current os is 2123 not 12123 but it says it is up to date @MattHealey @xboxsupport only affects the xbox. Xbox Live Down Detector The Xbox live status report is normally minimal with its information; most of the time people turn to the likes of Twitter to look for answers’ when the service is down Copy it to easily share with friends. It's happening way to often .

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All other devices that us wifi work fine . 7 days ago is when this all started i couldnt even join my friends party but i did today .his friend kept Back Next Next Tweet from user Outage.ReportXbox LiveCurrent StatusOKNot working for me!Outage HistoryNotable OutagesNovember 13 (56 reports)October 25 (135 reports)October 14 (95 reports)October 11 (588 reports)October 8 (75 reports)October 6 (227 Xbox Live Twitter Is this happening to anyone else as would like to know if its my end only, thank you? Xbox Twitter Frankie Word I thought it was just me xxxLONGxHORNxxx Is anyone else out there having problems with xbox one as of yesterday Jedi jesi Resolve problem for Xbox 360 plz my

Let's try briefly removing your profile, power cycle, then redownload your profile again https://t.co/QENEhDs7tB ^TJ 24 mins ago @MarshCreates Thanks for reaching out! http://tekspotting.com/xbox-live/xbox-live-not-working-11-21-13.html Larry Is anyone having issues with Xbox Live right now? COD matchmaking is garbage tonight, as well. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Xbox One Won't Connect To Xbox Live

Spence I have the 360 and keep getting disconnected. Most read in Gaming 1 Pokemon Go UPDATE: Next big BONUS event coming next week 2 Fallout 4 PS4 Mods release date CONFIRMED: Bethesda update 1.8 out SOON 3 Nintendo Switch Major companies like this have massive servers but no real protection."We want Xbox to update the protection they have, which isn’t much.“[We could] honestly knock Xbox off the face of the have a peek here using xbox or not is naturally ur call @bigzee004 @xboxsupport is there a problem with the windows 10 xbox app because it closes every time i try to open it @skrewjewice

Microsoft support team statement UPDATE TWO:Almost three hours after the initial outage some users are still unable to sign in or play downloaded games.Microsoft has confirmed the issues, with those who Xbox 360 Servers Shutting Down Not seen anything on social channels for Xbox. Jane Cannot get my Xbox Live app working, is there a problem with the apps server system?

It was only recently the Xbox friends list was down and out, these sort of issues crop up as so do Xbox connection, sign-in problems and much more.

Since the terrible garbage that happened to Xbox live over Christmas i have had nothing but issues since then. i am a long-time groove subscriber @mrcheesecracker @xboxsupport hi, i have this issue where i regularly (once every 2 hours usually) drop xbox live connection. Murdoch Xbox Live in down in Nashville. Xbox Live Support So now i have to change everything.

Clive Xbox Live status says all is ok and running but for me i am offline and NOT running. Julie Sort out connectivity or i will not be renewing my xbox live subscription. my connection goes in and out. Check This Out My phone is being fixed otherwise i would check net status on that.

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